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VA8042 Coating Thickness Guage

By electromagnectic method, the meter can measure the coating thickness non-destructively, including paint, spray-plastic, rubber, enamel, or chrome plate, copperizing, aluminum plating on steel, iron, non-austenitic stainless steel.
Four digitals LCD display, differentiating upto μm.
System calibrating by user-self.
Pocket shell, convenient for engineering locale.
Thickness unit “μm”or”mil”optional.
Micro-controller controls, high accuracy.
Coupling state display
Shut down manually or automatically.
Low battery voltage indication.



●Digital display: 4 digitals.
● Measurement range: 0~1200μm.
● Resolution: 1μm.
● Accuracy: ±(3%H+2μm)
● Measurement rate: 0.5 second.
● Display units: μm or mil.
●Critical thickness of metallic base: 1mm.
● Minimum thickness of metallic base: 0.2mm.
●Minimum curvature radius: protruding 1.5mm, concave 6mm.
●Probe diameter: 13mm.
● Power supply: 7# alkaline cell, 1.5V*3.




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